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Field Blend

Field blends are made from a mélange of different grapes grown together in the same field or vineyard, then picked and fermented at the same time. These unique wines are different than the typical blends we know today, like those of Bordeaux, where grapes are grown and vinified separately.

For centuries, grape varieties grew side-by-side in a vineyard. Old World winemakers planted some for ripeness, some for acidity and others for colour. It was done to ensure an entire year’s harvest wouldn’t be lost if environmental conditions affected one or more of the grape varieties. It was a way to maintain consistent quality long before technological advances made it easier to do so.

At harvest, the interplanted grapes are picked and co-fermented together. The flavour profile of field blends vary depending on the grapes they contain, but they’re prized for a level of balance, harmony and complexity.

For the many winemakers who love to make them, field blends are a distinct and expressive way to showcase a vineyard’s terroir and honour tradition.




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